4 Point Inspection Broward Miami.

4 Point Inspection is always performed by a Professional Engineers, we never delegate.

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The 4 Point Inspection is usually required when the property is older than 30 years to ensure that the electrical, plumbing, roofing and HVAC (Heat-Ventilation-and Air Conditioning) systems are in acceptable conditions.


Properties older than 30 years are more vulnerable to loss if systems have not been updated.

The report includes the minimum data needed to properly evaluate the application for insurance.

The Four Point Inspection consists of a visual survey of the following four primary components: Roof inspection, Electrical, HVAC (Heat, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) and Plumbing.

The Inspector uses the following criteria to judge the components include: current operating conditions, scheduled maintenance requirements and expected service life.

Photos must accompany each Inspection submitted.

The minimum photo requirement for the Four Point Inspections is:

--Front elevation
--Rear elevation
--Open main electrical panel and interior door
--HVAC heating system (with dated manufacturer’s plate)
--All hazards or deficiencies noted

The Real Estate Inspection may be submitted for a Roof Condition Certification Form if a minimum of 2 photos of the roof are provided.

Inspection Form must be completed by a Florida licensed professional.

The following licensed professionals can complete the Four Point inspections in its entirety:

--A Professional Engineer
--A general, residential, or building contractor
--A building code inspector
--A registered architect
--A home inspector
--A building code official who is authorized by the State of Florida to verify building code compliance

Note: A trade contractor may sign off only on their trade component of the inspection report (an electrical inspector may sign off only on the electrical portion of the report).

The licensed professional is required to certify the condition of the electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems.

"Acceptable Condition" means that each system is working as intended and there are no visible hazards or deficiencies.

Home Inspection - Results

The insurance companies are expecting the condition of the components listed above to be working as intended within the manufacturer’s specifications. They are looking for the four systems to be in generally good working condition and fulfilling their intended function. If the home is an older home, they want to see that the systems have been updated.

This Miami Dade County Home Inspection Cost - Special: $99 and a Wind Mitigation Inspection can be included for $60.