Our Year Building Recertification Inspection is performed by Professional Engineers.

The Real Estate Recertification report will state if the building or property under consideration appears to be safe for the specified use and continue occupancy.

AHM is a State of Florida authorized company with Local Business License to offer and perform engineering and inspection services.

The Professional Engineer performing the required Building Inspection (structural and/or electrical) will attest the results to the best of his/her knowledge, belief and professional judgment and based on the conditions observed on the date of the inspection.

Destructive tests will not be performed.

Recertification Report include electrical and structural inspections, certification for level of illumination in the parking lots and certification of compliance with guardrail for parking lots adjacent or abutting a body of water.

Property inspection is for the purpose of determining the general structural condition of the building or structure to the extent reasonably possible of any part, material or assembly of a building which affects the safety of such building or structure and/or which supports any dead or designed live load, and the general condition of its electrical systems pursuant to the building code.

Real Estate Inspection

The Miami-Dade County inspection is required when the building has been in existing for more than 40 years and every 10 years thereafter.

Single family residences, duplexes, townhouses and other building with an occupant load of 10 or less and 2,000 square feet or less are exempted.

Also nonresidential buildings on farms are exempted.

Report is required to be submitted to the local government within 90 days or a violation notice might be issued without further notice and building can be reported as unsafe for initiation of condemnation process.

You might be liable for a maximum fine of $10,510 and all enforcement costs.

Structure might be vacated and demolish.

Miami-Dade County Code (Section 8-11, Ordinance 01-112).

County Code (Section 8C-3) level of illumination in parking lots.

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